The tradition of DABIZA’s family in FETA cheese dates back in 1946 at Vlasti, Kozani, by Ilias Dabizas. Thanks to the unparalleled quality and taste of feta cheese, the demands are increasing constantly, leading to the rapid growth of our company. As a result, in 1971 it was relocated at new facilities of 4,000 m2 at Galatista, Chalkidiki, continuing the production of the same traditional and exquisite FETA P.D.O. cheese. In a short time it also expands at Lychna, Limnos, where it is specialised in the production of the traditional P.D.O. cheese “KALATHAKI LIMNOU”.

Today, the third generation of Dabiza’s family keeps the vision of its founder alive. Following the same principles, passion, care and love it is still producing exclusively from 100% Greek fresh goat and sheep milk from the livestock units of Chalkidiki and Limnos the exquisite FETA cheese, as well as KALATHAKI LIMNOU with its unique taste and shape.

With its high-tech equipment and in cooperation with its highly specialised personnel, the company implements on a daily basis all the required quality controls (HACCP, ISO) both for the raw materials and for the final products before placing them on the market.

The increased market demands also led us to advance the packaging field, with advanced machinery so as to meet our customers’ needs. Apart from the metal tinplate containers, the products are also marketed in vacuum and plastic (Tupper) packages of 200gr. – 500gr. – 1kg – 2kg for Feta cheese and 500gr – 1kg for Kalathaki Limnou cheese.

Our company cooperates with all big SUPER MARKET chains of Greece (SKLAVENITIS, ATLANTIK, METRO, MASOUTIS, VASILOPOULOS, etc.). Furthermore we are also operating in the international markets, including France, Austria, and Germany – NORMA DISCUND.

Our major sales both in Greece and abroad allow us to offer our two top quality products at the most advantageous prices.