The production of our products “FETA CHEESE P.D.O.”, “KALATHAKI LIMNOU P.D.O.”, and “FETA LIMNOU P.D.O.” takes place daily in our factories in Galatista of Chalkidiki and Limnos island respectively using fresh, pasteurized milk. More specifically, goat and sheep milk for the production of the aforementioned products is collected daily in our company’s facilities and, after performing the required tests regarding its organoleptic and physicochemical (fat, protein, freezing point, lactose, total solids) characteristics using our well-equipped laboratory with milk analyzers, its processing begins for the production of the final product. During the maturation process within specially designed chambers, microbiological and physicochemical tests are performed to check the produced cheese. Finally, when the maturation process is completed and before its storage in cooling chambers at a temperature of approximately 2 °C – 2.5 °C, physicochemical (fat, salt, humidity, and pH) and microbiological tests are performed again to check the cheese.

In general, the cheese control process during all stages of production, maturation, and storage is a daily routine practice for our company, carried out using the most advanced machines and control instruments available in our well-equipped laboratory. In addition, the overall monitoring during the production of our products is performed with the implementation of the GFSI quality control system.

In 2005 our company did a radical modernization of its production plant located in the island of Limnos, according to the provisions of Development Law 3299/2004, so as to be able to respond to the increased sheep and goat milk collection, and thus the increased production of “KALATHAKI LIMNOU” cheese, using modern techniques, adapted to the market conditions, so as to allow cheese production using the most modern means and methods, making it a model production unit.

The long-term presence of our company in Limnos for more than 30 years together with its reliability when considering its relationships with local producers and the various administrations resulted in the almost exclusive presence of our company in the island; nowadays it controls and processes the overall production of goat and sheep milk in the island, at a rate exceeding 80%. “KALATHAKI LIMNOU P.D.O.” cheese is widely known among Greek consumers and is particularly renowned for its exceptional quality and unique flavor.

Today our products are available in the Greek market through almost all large supermarket chains, as well as in selected delicatessen stores. They are also exported to many European countries.

Our company, in cooperation with “Beetroot” company, supplies “KALATHAKI LIMNOU P.D.O.” in a completely new 400 gram plastic packaging, which was actually awarded the “Red dot” packaging award when presented in the relevant international contest.